Now the truth.

Now the truth: The overwhelming empirical evidence from satellites, radio sonde balloons, and surface temperature stations and ocean buoys that have shown there is no dangerous warming taking place either in the atmosphere or in the oceans; that temperature has remained flat for 15 years; that ice cover is not decreasing precipitously (in fact in many ploar regions it is growing); empirical data that show sea level rises are steady at 1.3″ per century and are not accelerating, and perfectly normal for an INTER-GLACIAL period; and thus that all the global climate models which have predicted catastrophic global warming (CAGW) – and on which all the subsequent IPCC, governmental and other hysteria was predicated – are thus hopelessly and incontrovertibly FLAWED.

So, congratulations to the Victorians in Australia for not trashing your economy and your standard of living for the sole benefit of the global warming swindlers and doomsayers like the fascistic Green movement and other assorted junk-science peddling ignoramuses and liars.

The empirical evidence is simple, the world has not warmed for 15 years, therefore the IPCC is WRONG, science is done through observation and by producing papers that are peer reviewed by other scientists that will look for something wrong, not peer reviewed by your friends. I put it to most intelligent people who are willing to look at the evidence on both sides of the debate that they will too come to the same conclusion as me. Just remember this: Science is not done by consensus.

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