Splattergate: Watermelons of the IPCC, who do they think are? So they have to go for my kids, with their BS propaganda, yeah really? Well they show this sort of stuff to my kids I will rip the teachers arm off. I am sick,sick and soooo tired of the CAGW lies. And this is where my tax money is going.

I have reached the point, after arguing (Debating) since 2006 with CAGW supporters who called me every name under the sun; that I do not care the reason why people think this a scam, as long as they do. They even tried to brainwash my young children with their propaganda. At last the wheel has turned. But they have wasted almost 1 trillion dollars of your money on this scam. Think of the clean water and cheap electricity that the poorer nations could have had with this money.  God I despise them so much. After this is all said and done, the criminals who instigated this should be taken to trial and jailed for life.

Ice melts when its warm, and when its cold; water turns to ice. It is called the weather. The climate is always changing, always has and always will. Tell me why do you think the name was changed for Global Warming to Climate Change? My kids asked that at school, the teacher told them that it was done so they would not be scared. Scared? Google splattergate. That is what I call scared. That it if you cannot convince the parents, brainwash the children.

When told that adding CO2 to the atmosphere causes increased temperature, because of the green house effect, most lay persons presume that the relationship is linear i.e.; that the temperature increases in steady and equal increments as CO2 is added. But greenhouse gases are not like that; instead as extra gas is added to the atmosphere, incremental temperature occur in a declining logarithmic fashion. A good analogy is painting the windows of a room with white paint: The first coat or two of paint block out much of the light and cause a marked darkening of the room, but by the time the tenth coat and more are added, little additional darkening is observed. Similarly, the first 60 ppm of CO2 added to the newly forming Earth atmosphere is modelled as causing 2 Deg C of warming, whereas adding another 60 ppm from say, 300-360 ppm causes less than one-tenth of a degree of additional warming.

It must be difficult to lose face. Loosing face is a big thing in Asia, I should know I have an Asian wife. I suspect that it is the same all over the world. But some people as above have no face to lose. Maybe saving face is one of the reasons for the religious fever attached to people who believe that CAGW is the new holy gospel. Who knows? I have never managed to understand fanaticism and properly never will.

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