Edward Goldsmith

A small history lesson for you.

Edward Goldsmith : 1972 a book was written by him and 4 others called a “Blue Print for Survival” I remember it well as it was on the shelf in may father library. This book was about the end of the world. In the opening pages 38 of Britain’s most honored scientists, environmentalists endorsed the work including 2 Nobel laureates, 7 fellows of the Royal Society and 18 professors. In this book Armageddon was forecast before the year 2000; by which time all hydrocarbon fuel would be exhausted and all gold, zinc, platinum, lead, nickel, copper, mercury, molybdenum, and silver would be too be all gone! The publisher who wrote the forward for that book said that this book will prove in the years to come to have a marked a turning point which will affect the course of our civilization. This same publisher is none other than Tom Stacey who has done a complete and utter turn around in his thinking including I might add AGW. The cause of the Goldsmith Armageddon? “Over Population” sorry not Global Warming. Remember too in Goldsmiths opinion that all of the oil, coal and gas was used up. That I put to you dear reader, is a s—t load of CO2  (you do the math) In the 1970s it was well know theory that C02 could cause global warming but no one had the will to push that point at that time. Over population was the big paper selling product in the 1970. My dad and I were totality fooled by this book. In hindsight Goldsmith got the demographics and the science very badly WRONG. So all those learned men were made to look ridiculous. In 40 years from now we (Well not me as I will be dead) and more learned men will look ridiculous as well ( Some already are). Goldsmith is long dead, but his sprit in alive and well in Greenpeace. I note that Rajendra  Pachaur is a good friend of Greenpeace; that I call a conflict of interest if there ever was one. Sack Pachaur.

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